It’s that time of year again.

The days get a little shorter, the skies get a little grayer, and CenturyLink Field gets a lot louder.

In Seattle, early September is a time of trade-offs. The August sheet falling off the calendar forces us to acknowledge that the bulk of summer is in the books.

The winds of autumn will be blowing in over the Olympic Mountains before long. People will see the sun set over said mountains, and then glance in disbelief at their phone clocks.

It’s only 7:00!

But this trade-off gives way to something greater. Something we wager most Seattleites would gladly give up a few daylight hours for.

Indeed, football is here again, folks.

Being such a grand opening, we can’t help but feel kindred spirits.

Everything just feels right again. There’s a certain energy in Downtown Seattle that the remainder of the year just cannot bring. At least, not at the same volume.

And being not five blocks from the stadium, we can hear the thundering cheers as clear as a not-Seattle day.

The best part of it all for us at Smith Tower? It’s that we’re finally back to be a part of it, of course!

12s are free to funnel in, take the elevators to the top, and enjoy the spectacular views from the 35th floor Observatory level once again, before departing five blocks south through Pioneer Square to watch the Hawks run roughshod over whatever unfortunate team has stumbled into town.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

That is, unless it does! Experts are saying that this is the best roster we’ve fielded since the Super Bowl team in 2013-14.

Contrary to what the naysayers may go on about, a win is a win, even if it’s 12-10. And while we may not be doctors, we’re sure that Russell’s ankle will be just fine. Unlike a certain Dolphins defensive tackle, a healthy dose of optimism never hurt anyone.

Now that football has returned to Pioneer Square, we find ourselves repeating a phrase we’ve been saying a lot lately: boy, does it feel good to be back.

To fall, fans, and football!