Welcome to Seattle! Here for the grand tour? Planning on seeing all there is to see?

Think of us as the map pin that marks the start of your big Seattle adventure.

The large, neoclassical, reinforced terracotta and granite pin.

And that pin has a cocktail bar on top.

Goodness knows that Seattle gets its fair share of tourists, flying in, cruising in, clippering in.

And most make a mad rush to visit our beautiful city in the summer time, when they can see the city without a layer of cloud above it.

Although a sunny version may be the less authentic version of Seattle (hello, rain stereotype), it’s still the more desired version.

Indeed, there are those precious few months in the summer when Seattle truly shines.

It’s like the entire city decides, as if all at once, to just chill.

Break out the shorts and fruity drinks, folks.

We’re on the cusp of the that season, and while you wait, we’ve got an awesome new ingredient to add to your summer mix:

360 degrees of unadulterated gorgeous downtown Seattle views.

When one visits a city, one often wants to experience the city “as a local does,” to do what a local does, and to relax like a local does as well.

Here’s your chance.

We’ll bring the summer cocktails and the views, you just bring yourselves.

Because why sip your French 75 when you could sip it 500 feet in the air?

Book your ticket here… or just show up at the ground floor check-in! Summer deserves a little spontaneity.