Ahh, Seafair.

The week where the sun shines brightest, the planes fly fastest, and the boats are still called hydro”planes.”

It’s a week of festivities for which we’d gladly close our highway bridges.

Okay, maybe not gladly. But you get the idea.

It’s a time for celebration, sunshine, and fun, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. In fact, we never have!

Seafair has been a Seattle tradition for 68 years now, and we were the spritely age of 36 when it first debuted on the Seattle scene for days in August, 1950.

If you can believe it, Seafair was actually first held on Green Lake!

68 years later, it’s provided memories for millions of fair-goers.

But now, we can look forward to the Blue Angels thundering past our buildings, shaking our office windows, and dazzling us with incredible displays of aerodynamic verve.

Brilliant! Magnificent! A little scary?

Over at Gas Works Park, we can look forward to local bands giving us tunes to bob our collective heads to with City of Music @ Seafair.

And the hydroplanes! Shooting across Lake Washington like rockets, watching them race is the perfect way cap off the weekend.

So head down our way, grab a cocktail, and take in the view during summer’s biggest bash.

Oh, and don’t forget those dishy ensigns wandering the piers. Good luck, ladies…