This is a good thing!

I’ll bet if you’re asked to name a “blues town,” you would think of Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, or even New York City.

I’ll challenge any blues lover to expand their ideas of what makes a good blues town and look a little closer to home! What caught our attention was a web spotting of the North Bend Blues Walk happening in late April in the little town on the way to “the Mountain.” That prompted a further search, and low and behold, what turned up was a full-on, year-round calendar of local blue events, blue concerts, blues joints, and even blues radio, right here in Puget Sound. When they wrote the TV theme song The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen Are In Seattle we know they weren’t lauding the cloud cover it was the music they were talking about. So if any of you are curious about blues to-dos in Puget Sound, let us point you to a few places where you can get the both the down-low and the lowdown on the blues.