Everybody looks forward to Friday and Saturday. As far as days go, they get all the fun.

Maybe Wednesday gets a little bit of love with the whole “hump day” schtick every now then.

Tuesday? Big whoop.

Or is it a big whoop after all?

We’ve decided to give Tuesday through Friday a little boost.

A little more “happy,” if you will.

Introducing Smith Tower Happy Hour.

To those of you who just mentally (or actually) did the “oh, really?” face, we hope we’ll see you soon.

To those who read this and immediately asked, “wait, they didn’t have Happy Hour until now?”

Well, yes, that’s correct… Why?

Err… perfection takes time? We say with two finger points and a nervous smile.

Anywho, the point is that it’s here now, and we’d like to officially invite one and all to stop by during the week for a little weekday pick-me-up.

Meet us at the top of the tower for a Happy Hour that’s the cat’s meow. Admission is just $10, so ankle on up to the juice joint for some delicious food and drink specials.

Monday-Thursday | 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Tickets available at Smith Tower

  • $10 tickets up to the Observatory
  • $9 select food items
  • $9 cocktail special
  • $2 off all beer, wine, and well drinks
  • $3 Rainier tall boys