Partying? In October?

Why yes, dear reader.

Summer doesn’t get to hog all the fun.

Just because the sun decides to go on hiatus doesn’t mean the good times should stop rolling.

So swing by 2nd & Yesler to sample our delectable October cocktail specials, and then join us for a spooky Halloween bash to get the holiday season started off right.

But Before That, Drinks

First, we’ve got the Sundae Funday (left).

Inspired by the classic Italian Autumn dessert Spinoni, this cocktail has the uplifting sweet notes of chocolate and cherry while giving you a big ol’ hug with espresso and almonds.

Served in a snifter glass, Sundae Funday doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t, an indulgence for your sweet tooth.

It’s ALOO vodka, crème de cacao, Caffè Borghetti, and orgeat, with whipped cream and a Luxardo cherry garnish.

Second, our barrel-aged special, the Bijou (right).

Traditionally a gin, sweet vermouth, and green chartreuse cocktail with the recipe dating back to 1890, we opted to remove green chartreuse.

Instead, we substituted a legendary alpine herbal liqueur called “Le Chamois Génépy,” which originated in 1821.

It’s named the “Jewel” for its tri-color components: gin for diamond, sweet vermouth for ruby, and Génépy for emerald.

Halloween is Party Time

Now that you’ve sampled some fall goodness, it’s time to bust out your costumes and dancing shoes.

Last year, we held our first annual Zom-Bees Knees Bash for three nights, including Halloween.

Each Bash was a serious hit, with all three nights selling out.

We took that as a sign we should do it again this year.

And so, join us the week of Halloween for our 2nd Annual Zom-Bees Knees Bash!

Choose from three nights of scary-fun dance parties with the crew from Sister Kate Dance Company, featuring dance performances by zombie flappers, mummies, a special “séance”, and more.

Come in your best costume from the ’20s, and get ready for a howling good time.

Grab your tickets here.