“Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party,” as they say. That’s why we’re throwing our first annual New Year’s Gatsbyfest at Smith Tower on December 31.

It’ll be a swingin’ shindig that’ll do old Jay proud.

Gatsby parties were extravagant, and naturally so.

After all, the Roaring ’20s were a period of palpable national optimism.

Having just made it through the horrors of a terrible World War in 1918, Americans now enjoyed the dual boons of peacetime and a burgeoning economy to keep their collective spirits bright.

With this new era of prosperity, Americans ditched the stuffy Victorian fashions and sensibilities of the previous decade en masse.

They traded their petticoats for flapper dresses, and their breeches for Oxford Bags.

They took to the bars and dancehalls and rode out the decade on a wave of parties and good vibes…

… that is, until October 29, 1929. The stock market crashed and ushered in the Great Depression, but that’s another story!

We’re all about reliving everything in the ’20s before that day.

It was a time when the mood was as high in the sky as our Observatory.

So join us as we rekindle the magic of the Roaring ’20s for one incredible night on December 31.

“Ain’t no party like a Gatsby party,” after all.

Though rest assured that, unlike the rest of that quote, there will not be at least two deaths, and people will not be disenchanted with the Jazz Age as a whole the next day.

So bust out your diamonds, pearls, and everything sparkly and come dressed to impress in your dapper 1920s fashion for an extravagant affair at Smith Tower.

Jump back in time to 1920, the beginning of the most decadent and iconic decade of the 1900s.

Say goodbye to 2018 and ring in the new year 35-floors above Seattle.

We’ll have a buffet dinner, midnight champagne toast, live performances, and more.

And we can’t wait to see you there.

Get your tickets before they’re gone.