Seattle then.

37,308 days passed between Smith Tower’s opening on Independence Day, 1914, and when the new Smith Tower visitor experience opened August 25, 2016.

In 1914, it would be another 14 years before the Paramount Theatre opened, another 19 years before the Seattle Art Museum would open, another 33 years before Seattle would have an airport.

Two world wars would spur the city into military and economic action, protests would shake the city figuratively, an earthquake would shake the city literally, professional sports teams would come and go, and a certain Legion with a propensity for Booming would lead the Emerald City to a Super Bowl victory.

Seattle now

So much has happened in Seattle since we first arrived on the scene in 1914.

Here, now, over a century later, we cordially invite you to experience Smith Tower again for the first time, and to experience the building that has acted as a stone witness to Seattle rising from an upstart logging and shipping port to a global world city.